2015 in Retrospect

Here it is, the last hour of 2015 and I’m writing a post before I celebrate in a simple fashion of ringing it in with my sister, mommy and my two little Pomchi’s. Three days ago, when I was told that it was the 28th, it finally hit me that the year is almost over! At that moment, I felt the need to get everything in order.  So from there I did a few things trying to gear up for a new year in hopes of helping chase away my annual January Black Mood.

  • Unsubscribing from all sites that I am no longer interested in or use
    We often end up signing up for some sites and regret it when we basically have spammed ourselves. It’s easy but a little time consuming to just Unsubscribe from these.
  • Organizing photos, files and artwork
    This is a massive undertaking that will last me for a few weeks, I’m sure
  • Go out to brunch with my mommy.
    What does that have to do with anything? Easy! Taking small measures to reaffirm and tell her how much I love her.
  • CLEAN! This means taking down all of those Christmas decorations, throwing out things in cabinets and fridges, sorting your closet for donations. 
    It’s never a smart idea to let the past come with you, reflect on it and let it knows it’s place and move on. No reason to take Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Above: Celebrating New Year’s Even with a little virgin champagne, some roses and baby’s breath.

Above: Brunch time with my love, my mommy. She is my angel and I love to hold her hand | Below: Having post brunch Coffee on Melrose Ave.


Above: Selfie | Below: New Year’s Eve dinner, drunk and nom nom


As we welcome in 2016, let us remember to stop and look at the beauty around us, let us take in all that we are blessed with.
May we remember all of our struggles in our past and of the past year and strive for a smile tomorrow and every day after.
Let us count our loves and hug them tightly, our health and love our body, and be thankful for everything we have.

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