Little Tokyo+ VK Fest – ∀NTI FEMINISM!! ♡

I feel so fortunate to live in Los Angeles with so many opportunities, both personal & professional. I’m also ecstatic over the fact that so many artists come through this city and I am able to see them live. Recently, I had the chance to see the legendary JPunk band  ∀NTI FEMINISM!! I’m not quite sure I can put my excitement into words getting a chance to see this guy live. He’s intensely amazing and such a sweetheart offstage!

With Kenzi, the lead singer of ∀NTI FEMINISM, and the beautiful Kasumi.

With Yuji of Carat – He’s so sweet and adorable! And his voice is amazing!

As I kissed this poster, Kenzi walked right in front of me….talk about embarrassing.

Finally had a chance to meet these sweethearts! Such beauties!!! ♡♡♡

A few performance photos. When ∀NTI FEMINISM came onstage, my mind was obliterated to take pictures because I was too busy screaming. Plus, I didn’t bring a real camera.

The day before, my sister and I went down to Little Tokyo and watched the film “Giovanni’s Island”… it was a heartbreaker! If you’ve seen “Grave of the Fireflies” then this film is a must see, you’ll shed tears!
We also met Doraemon!
And some sexy cosplay ladies “Sailor Mars” and “Sailor Jupiter”