2 and a half years later…

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, nearly 2 years.  It feels like coming back to a town where you have lived before. Unsure of what you will find, you aren’t sure you are welcome there anymore, much less belong.

It’s a place that you know and you should feel welcome but you don’t really know where to put your bags down or where to take off your shoes. Will the same places be there? You know that things have changed for you and you know that things won’t ever be the same even though the place has the same name that it once did.

That’s life though, the people, places and family we have had or once had. 

If you’ve followed my Instagram, you know my life has been very strange these past few years, losing loved ones and friends. I can’t begin to tell you the half of it. 

So I will leave it at this, follow me on my social media, in case I can’t come back to this place. At least you’ll know where to find me.

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Amber Cobelle Art 2018-2020

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