♡ New Year’s Eve is filled with…

…Rodeo Drive. At least, that’s how I spent my New Year’s Eve afternoon. ♡♡♡ Chanel, I  L♡VE Y♡U!
New Year’s Evening, I stayed inside. I haven’t had more than a half glass of champagne in 3 months. ♡


Coffee at Ferrarini’s, I highly recommend it.

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  1. What’s in that starbucks cup to give you that body? You look incredible and so beautiful. I’m so happy you are finding your place.

    Any hottie bodies on rodeo?

  2. You are so little in comparison to the chanel sign. You are so tiny in comparison to that white bag as well. What do you weigh now? you look great but so little!

    1. ♡ Hahaha, My sister, who was with me that day, said the same thing “you look so small in comparison” .

      Can’t say what I weigh….. But I’m shopping in children’s clothing?

  3. Happy New Year, Gorgeous! You deserve to spend it in a place like that. But you are worth way more than anything in those stores, you are priceless.