♡ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day! I’ve been busy in life & quite enthusiastic about it! I’m feeling so blessed in life and smiling about it everyday. However, I haven’t had any plucky-ness for a solid blog entry. So, I’ve accumulated some photos over the past week.
I cut 5″ off my hair, my doggies daily treats, candy!
Ahh, some gifts from some of my favorite people. They always make me smile.  First up, my lovely Mama sent me a care package from a work trip in Oklahoma! She knows my love of apricots, figs, anything vinegar, mustard, spicy or done with molasses. Yes, I have an old lady palette.

And my gorgeous Lory sent me these goods! Yes to Ch♥c♥late! It was devoured instantly. I am so guilty and should be ashamed. Look for another entry soon, jewelry photos for Lory.

Also, I sent Lory a package as well.

You know it’s been a long night when it’s 7AM, you haven’t slept, you went out for tea, you aren’t wearing any pants and the only comment is from your neighbor saying “I didn’t recognize you, you’re in white!”

This is what happens when you allow me to go to Little Tokyo, I come back with fattening food and magazines. Just give me a box of bon bons and put me in front of the T.V., so pathetic, I am.

Now, I’m going to continue making cheesecake truffles, homemade turtles & raspberry liquor dark chocolate truffles. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    I seen those scissors and then in the morning photo your hair was so short I was like “NOO!”
    But your neighbor, omg, you are funny lady.

    Everything looks so good!