A Slice of Life in Fashion

Monday, 29 June, 2015

Today the weather is miserably and undeniably summer! It’s 91 degrees and sunny. I wish L.A. could have a small slice of the rain-cake, just a slice, a taste.
When I look at life, I look at how our fashion interacts within it. It sounds more complicated then it is. As a girl, I have shoes for shooting, shoes for casting, shoes for running after my doggies, shoes to run to the store in, shoes to jog in…. basically, it’s all about how well your threads get along with any situation.

Now, you probably think, oh no, it’s a post about shoes. But it’s not, it’s just a simple post about my own simple fashion snaps in my regular everyday life. My clothing is just like my shoes, I try to keep a very tight closet with a limited number of items so that they do not get lost in the jungle that is my black fortress. There are clothes to play in, run in, lounge in… you get the image in the mirror.
Many days when I’m feeling under the weather, I love to just throw on a maxi dress and some aviators.

And some days it’s city chic with some oversized round sunglasses and red leather jacket from Guess to get some Tea

Other days I seem inspired by Jockey’s and wear riding boots, white jeans from Abercrombie kids and a sweater for a cozy feeling. Starbucks, very mandatory. And a bite of a pastry, but never a whole one.

She works hard for those arms, let’s show them off in a lot of tank tops and Rag&Bone Skinny Jeans.

Denim and Leather! Put them on Together! It’s an all around rock fest for this girl. I adore me some Rob Halford of Judas Priest inspired leather.

And it’s always nice to go to shows where an artist loves the same things, denim and leather! Thank you for the photo Jimmy Gnecco

And when I’m shooting, how I love to wear all of the amazing dresses! Look at this one. It’s for the upcoming LA Fashion week! I recently shot a video for it.
Dirty Rocker boys? Yes, please! The High on Lows!

Okay, so there isn’t an outfit but this is a very nice club in DTLA. It’s called Mrs. Fish. Indoor fish tanks and the service it tops!

Sometimes you just have to go to shoots in your most comfy things, leggings and a sweater.

And of course, with those skinny jeans, sometimes you need a break from the heels and just relax in your comfy Skechers kicks.

Modeling for Nicole Moan Corsets and Uccellino Jewelry

Saturday, 27 June, 2015

I’m posting again after 2 days?! What is this madness? Is it possible I took a moment to get on a real computer instead of corresponding through my beloved iPhone6?  Perhaps it’s the break of the heat and we have an overcast day in Los Angeles? Who really knows? Or Cares? Let’s not jinx it for the next 4 months.

We shot this up on Melrose a couple months ago for Nicole Moan Corsets. They are made of ceramic! A really unique experience wearing these. It was a great day shooting with some old friends and meeting some new ones . I enjoyed spending some time having a relaxing day in good company. We paired with Xavier Madera of Uccellino Couture for Jewelry.

Ceramic Corsets by @nicolemoan
Now available at @italianocouture
7471 Melrose Ave West Hollywood, CA, United States
Jewlery by @uccellinocouture
Photographer @hollywood_short_films
Editing: Amber Cobelle

Along with some great outtakes and silly BTS photos

DeVour Magazine!

Thursday, 25 June, 2015

My apologies for my super tardy state of blog! I honestly wish I could manage to update more. Although I am busy, that gives me a reason and want to blog! But…. then it seems as if there is suddenly to much to blog and I fall behind. Such a fail….. I will try harder.

As I previously mentioned, I shot with Michael Vincent and DeVour Magazine for a great feature with some beautiful models. Here are a few tearsheets from the magazine.
Photographer: Michael Vincent
Creative Director: Christine Lunday
Models: Amber Cobelle, Meli Ci, Christine Osterhoudt, Mather Louth
MUAs: Kelly Jurado & Michelle Almanza
​Hair: Abigail Nuezca​