Society1 “It’s Yours Now” Video Shoot – BTS+Video

Tuesday, 24 June, 2014

A few weeks ago, Society 1 shot a new video! And I was given the opportunity to be a part of it. I had a such great time on set with the band (Sweetest guys ever!) and all of the amazing models (So GORGEOUS!). Everyone was so talented, sweet and hard working. I especially want to thank Matt Zane, who is the lead singer/director/editor/one-man-machine for putting in so much time, effort, patience and for making it all come together. I swear the man isn’t human! I just hope we, the models, have helped make his vision a reality. So, Thank you, Mr. Zane!!

The world premiere was on the 3rd of July! BUT, July 2nd was the private premiere followed by a show by the band.
Here are some behind the scenes moments:
Having a great time with Suzy Q – Sweetest Heart! | Beau and I – He’s amazingly talented, handsome and so sweet!!!

3 Girls with really long hair, Suzey, Me and Christy. They are angels!

Behind the Scenes, it’s always a good time.

Christy, Sin and I – We Sexy! Date us. Not that we’re desperate or anything.

Dressing Room and with the gorgeous Suzy Q!

Roaming inbetween the worlds of sleep and awake

Sunday, 25 May, 2014

I’m short on things to say and prefer letting my actions do the talking for me. Lately, I just want to live life and let photos speak for themselves.
Andre, The Amber’s and Sydney V Smith “The Giraffe Woman” outside of The Viper Room after Society 1.

Society 1! Thank you Kaley Nelson for the great photo!

Andre and I – Photo by Amber! ♡ | Beau, Amber, Andre and Amber

Thank you to my wonderful friend Zsu Zsu, who just happened to be in Los Angeles for a 7 hour layover! She took these photos of me & somehow talked me out of putting on my make-up. She’s got to be the best smooth talker I know, separating me from my face.  She also took the recent photo in the issue of Pump Magazine. I set my camera up for her and let her start snapping.

These Photos were taken by the beautiful and talented Amber. We have the best chick dates Ever!

And these were taken by Katrina Brown and Ryan Greenberg.
Make-up and Hair by: Lupe Moreno

Kawaii Land!

Thursday, 15 May, 2014

Kawaii Land was a great success and so much fun! I am honored to have worked with all of the talented models, MUAs, photgraphers, designers, hosts and guests for making it very memorable and fun. Everyone put in so much hard work and dedication, I think it really shows.
Designers: Grace of Electric Stars Clothing  & Laura of Pretty Star Clothing
Photos by: Vin Khommarath, B Natural Photography, Jonathan Pivaral, Shannon Cottrell
Video: Sikend Art Olsen from In The Flesh Films
We also made it on LA Weekly.

Behind the Scenes:
Photos: B Natural Photography

Photo: Vin Khommarath
Vin Khommarath8

Photo: Vin Khommarath
Vin Khommarath8
Vin Khommarath6
Photos: B Natural Photography
Electric Stars-142

Electric Stars-183
Electric Stars-185

Electric Stars-195
Electric Stars-202
Electric Stars-203
Electric Stars-204
Electric Stars-220
Electric Stars-237

Me with Rilakkuma!!! Photo Left: Vin Khommarath | Photo Right: B Natural Photography
Photo: Jonathan Pivaral

Fashion Show:
Photos: Vin Khommarath

Photos: Shannon Cottrell.
Video: Sikend Art Olsen from In The Flesh Films