Pawdicure and Coffee with Sathony

Sathony and I

What a lovely day! Time for a pawdicure and coffee with my little heart, Sathony. It makes me feel so happy inside to take my little doggies outside and around the city. They get so much enjoyment out of the attention and everyone adores them and dotes on them as they so deserve. ❤️💗❤️💗

I would love to take them on a more regular occasion (Like, even the grocery store) but since I have 2 little girls it makes it much harder for me to do because of my incredible guilt of leaving one at home and taking the other. So, when I take one of my girls on a day, I have to treat the other to her own event. They get very very excited over the words “Bye Bye”. Their little ears perk up knowing that they are going to go for a ride with mommy.

On this particular day, we needed to go the the veterinarian to pick up Amoura’s monthly Apoquel prescription. Meanwhile, Sathony needed a test done to check on some recent concerns that I’ve been having. And although the test came back in a way that I wasn’t particularly joyful with, the fact that there was nothing absolutely dreadful, dire and life threatening always gives a parent some peace. They are, afterall, my absolute heart. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to keep them safe and happy.

Sathony strutting her beautiful self down the street for all to see. Her fluffy butt wiggling for everyone to admire.

How adorable is this beautiful quilted puppy tote? I knew instantly that I had to have it! A good variety of reasons! The first being that I love all things quilted. The second being that I needed a puppy carrier to take with me and this one fit the bill entirely.
They are happy walking but since they are so small, they must be carried from time to time. And yes, I’m more than comfortable holding them in my arms. But it’s nice to have a place for them to relax when I’m paying at a store. Being able to tether them in, if need be, and to give everyone else the comfort that my little scamp isn’t going to go bounding after the bratty children.

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BTS with Tina Summers Label – DTLA

Shooting in Tina Summers label is always so much fun for me. She’s the sweetest, most humble and amazing person. Her quality and detail is superior to so many! Simply stated, I love wearing this lady’s clothing. Her designs are incredible, versatile, comfortable AND Haute! I feel very fortunate to know and work with her from time to time.

This was part of a shoot with many Models, Make-up Artists, Hair stylists and various photographers. It was a shoot taking place in DTLA in various locations. The various locations is a whole other long but funny story.  No matter what, I think it was a good day and everyone came together and pulled it all off and smiled until the end. And that’s what’s important, feeling good about a situation. You just have to keep on smiling.

I was absolutely in love with my hair stylist. Connie Vargas! She’s also an amazing amazing nail artist. I highly recommend checking out her instagram for some beautiful nail inspiration.
Link to her Instagram: Here

I did my own Make-up and used the following Products:
Moisturizer: Empryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè | Here
Foundation: Missha BB in #13 | Here
Highlighter: Hourglass Ambient Lighting | Here
Eyeshadow: Nyx, Chanel , YSL
Lips: Too Faced Lip Injection in Never Enough Nude | Here

Do you see this hair? Is that amazingly cool or what? Connie is a fantastic artist and so sweet!

The color of this dress is everything. I truly feel like a Barbie Doll and there is nothing else I’d rather be. The fit is so beautiful and the fabric is insanely comfortable. Ladies and Gentleme, Malibu Mermaid!

This gown! This is red carpet ready. The hand beading and the details in person are just jaw dropping and gorgeous. Obviously my little photo cannot do this dress any of the justice it so rightfully deserves.

A little post Starbucks pick-me up. The hair had to come with, I wanted to wear it for days. LoL~!
My jumpsuit is made by MinkPink and altered by my tailor for a slightly better fit.

It is still nice and loose but every girl needs a good tailor for a little bit of a better fit. Even if it’s a comfy outfit, you gotta look pretty. Soon, I will upload the Professional photos.

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