2016 Resolutions

Thursday, 7 January, 2016

Looking back at my post on 2015 got me thinking about things; at how fast 2015 went and how the holidays and Christmas sprung up on me so fast that I didn’t even realize it was already over. And when it hit me, I had 3 days left of the year and suddenly my mind became filled with a euphoric dread. The euphoria being the concept of organizing and putting everything in it’s rightful place…. and man, that just gets my rocks off. My OCD jollies are jiggling all the way with bleach, a scrub brush and the alphabet running through my head to organize all media in the house. The dread being all the photos that I need to organize and categorize on my computer…. woah man, overwhelming. And then that wonderful thought that a new year is a great time to re-evaluate and alter myself to be closer to my ideal, closer to true happiness and just changing things that have become dull and lifeless to me.

In 2016, I want to accomplish a few things:

  • Become more Selfish – Say What?! 
    I had it pointed out to me that I no longer do things for myself but instead focus on things that are relevant to others. I need to step back, re-evaluate relationships and find a few moments for myself. I need to focus on my own health and happiness instead of exhausting myself making others comfortable.
  • Have a solo lunch date once a week.
    It sounds so easy, doesn’t it? I try to have a date once a week with those I love but I often don’t find the time to just sit and relax by myself.
  • Do at least one piece of artwork every two weeks. 
    I’m not talking commissions, I’m talking art pieces that I’m inspired to do from my own heart.
  • Take photos with a real camera
    Yes! I fixed my Olympus Pen! I ordered the new lens and it arrived in mid-December. I want to focus on taking detailed photos for my blog which brings me to this…
  • Blog at least once a week! 
    Which, in theory, should not be difficult. But, as I said, my life seems to take a back-seat to everything and I need to refocus my energy in other directions.
  • Volunteer with a group of my interest
    I know that earlier I said to be more selfish and yet I feel that if I am able to make myself happier, I will have more heart and time to donate and give to others.
  • Set a goal and write it down.
    Setting a goal is easy, conceptualizing and fulfilling it is a bit harder. I think that by keeping a schedule with goals on specific days or weeks will push me to strive harder for that. I am also thinking about doing a vision board. I’ve never done one but I think it would be an interesting and fun concept.
  • Smile, stay calm and focus only on love.

Focusing on my little girls and simple pleasures like walks and tea | Family is everything

Shopping is love | Flowers and champagne glasses

Stopping to enjoy simple plesdures

2015 in Retrospect

Thursday, 31 December, 2015

Here it is, the last hour of 2015 and I’m writing a post before I celebrate in a simple fashion of ringing it in with my sister, mommy and my two little Pomchi’s. Three days ago, when I was told that it was the 28th, it finally hit me that the year is almost over! At that moment, I felt the need to get everything in order.  So from there I did a few things trying to gear up for a new year in hopes of helping chase away my annual January Black Mood.

  • Unsubscribing from all sites that I am no longer interested in or use
    We often end up signing up for some sites and regret it when we basically have spammed ourselves. It’s easy but a little time consuming to just Unsubscribe from these.
  • Organizing photos, files and artwork
    This is a massive undertaking that will last me for a few weeks, I’m sure
  • Go out to brunch with my mommy.
    What does that have to do with anything? Easy! Taking small measures to reaffirm and tell her how much I love her.
  • CLEAN! This means taking down all of those Christmas decorations, throwing out things in cabinets and fridges, sorting your closet for donations. 
    It’s never a smart idea to let the past come with you, reflect on it and let it knows it’s place and move on. No reason to take Christmas to Valentine’s Day!

Above: Celebrating New Year’s Even with a little virgin champagne, some roses and baby’s breath.

Above: Brunch time with my love, my mommy. She is my angel and I love to hold her hand | Below: Having post brunch Coffee on Melrose Ave.


Above: Selfie | Below: New Year’s Eve dinner, drunk and nom nom


As we welcome in 2016, let us remember to stop and look at the beauty around us, let us take in all that we are blessed with.
May we remember all of our struggles in our past and of the past year and strive for a smile tomorrow and every day after.
Let us count our loves and hug them tightly, our health and love our body, and be thankful for everything we have.

Christmas is the heart

Wednesday, 30 December, 2015

Christmas is my favorite holiday. The core of it’s heart is something that I believe in: peace, love and joy. Being thankful for what you have and to love others. It’s a time for forgiveness but also a time to reflect. Forgiveness is given to people who deserve it and who have earned it. There is nothing given in life easily, and I think it should be that way. You have to work for everything, including love, positivity and happiness.

Above: My mommy and I in Little Tokyo on Christmas Eve. Somehow, we ended up in the area. My favorite part of this area is the fabulous mochi at Fugetsu-do! Where it is lovingly been created for over 100 years! It’s always so fresh and amazing. My other favorite here is Lette Macarons, they are very good but I love this place for my mom, she loves the pistachio!

ABOVE: A gift for my beautiful Auntie. Every girl needs Chocolate and she’s been through so much, she deserves sweet things.

ABOVE: Christmas at The Grove waiting for snow on a very mild December night | Christmas at Beverly Center – Starbucks always in hand, it’s a Seattle thing.

ABOVE: Make-up of the Day: Too Faced, YSL, Chanel, BareMinerals and no foundation

ABOVE: A Cake for a friend, don’t you just love crystalized flowers?  | Above Right: My nails for winter, I never wear blue and these have snowflakes!

ABOVE: Sathony excited over gifts!

ABOVE: Creating a Gingerbread man, so fun~!

ABOVE: Gifts  wrapped under the tree and also a really cute vase that I made with candy canes and poinsettia and ribbon

ABOVE: My floral arrangement consisting of roses, hydrangea, Asiatic lilies and greens.

ABOVE: Christmas wonderland – Ah the night~! | Enjoying cooking for the Christmas

ABOVE: My simple and pretty tablescape

ABOVE: Glasses filled with pretty bubbles, plates with roses and votive candles for warmth

ABOVE: My cheesecake with macerated berries covered in golddust!

ABOVE:Warmth of the fireplace, a gift from my sister! It makes me feel so at home!

Above: Chanel~! Oh, the way to my heart.