Photoshoot with a talented crew!

Monday, 4 August, 2014

From a shoot with an amazingly talented crew. It was such a great joy and satisfaction working with this team again. They are all beautiful people, inside and out. I have so much fun working with them on set. This headpiece I modeled was made by Katrina, her imagination blows my mind. It was awesome to wear!
Katrina Brown
Sammie Rogers Brown
Keith Weidner
Make-up: Lupe Moreno
Hair: Mayra Santillan and her mama

Photo Set with Josh Fogel

Saturday, 2 August, 2014

I had the pleasure to work with an amazing photographer by the name of Josh Fogel. We spent the afternoon shooting on my roof in L.A. After climbing out a 5th floor window and up a wobbly ladder. It was awesome! We then proceeded to go to the industrial part of DTLA and did some work there. Such an amazing shoot. I’m so so happy with these beautiful moments captured. I hope to work with this talented man again soon.

Climbing back down the ladder.

Little Tokyo+ VK Fest – ∀NTI FEMINISM!! ♡

Saturday, 26 July, 2014

I feel so fortunate to live in Los Angeles with so many opportunities, both personal & professional. I’m also ecstatic over the fact that so many artists come through this city and I am able to see them live. Recently, I had the chance to see the legendary JPunk band  ∀NTI FEMINISM!! I’m not quite sure I can put my excitement into words getting a chance to see this guy live. He’s intensely amazing and such a sweetheart offstage!

With Kenzi, the lead singer of ∀NTI FEMINISM, and the beautiful Kasumi.

With Yuji of Carat - He’s so sweet and adorable! And his voice is amazing!

As I kissed this poster, Kenzi walked right in front of me….talk about embarrassing.

Finally had a chance to meet these sweethearts! Such beauties!!! ♡♡♡

A few performance photos. When ∀NTI FEMINISM came onstage, my mind was obliterated to take pictures because I was too busy screaming. Plus, I didn’t bring a real camera.

The day before, my sister and I went down to Little Tokyo and watched the film “Giovanni’s Island”… it was a heartbreaker! If you’ve seen “Grave of the Fireflies” then this film is a must see, you’ll shed tears!
We also met Doraemon!
And some sexy cosplay ladies “Sailor Mars” and “Sailor Jupiter”