Post Surgery Update.

Thursday, 23 April, 2015

As you may know if you follow my instagram, you’ll know that I had to have surgery on the 14th. Don’t worry, I’m okay and recovering at record speed thanks to my amazingly stubborn personality.
The day before, I decided to go ahead and have some FroYo and Pizza. Might as well live a little.
The FroYo was from Yogurtland. I adore their topping selection. Especially the strawberry caviar and the mini-mochi!
It was also fantastic as I was approached by Robert from Magic Beans Are Real as he asked to do a portrait of me. I feel that It looks like a fashion sketch. Love it! It’s framed.

Then we went to Lucifer’s Pizza on Melrose and had half-margherita and half-cheese. Super good!

It was time to check in for Surgery at 8:30 AM the next morning and it went really well. Just a little discomfort. I wasn’t nervous at all. This is the first time I’ve had to have surgery so I feel really blessed.

When I came out and home, I had a pink silk box of paper cranes and stars. This is joy to me. I love paper cranes. Also Hydrangea and Gladiolus.

Because I am one of the most stubborn people in the world, instead of going slowly, I had to get out of the house the next day. Yes, for a checkup but also to spend time with my sister and have some Tea, Coffee and Pastries at Paris Baguette. I think I must have had surgery for my angel wings.

One week later, the stitches came out yesterday and I’m well on my way to recovery. Minus a little sweeling and a whole lot of bruising.

Recent Photoshoots/Tearsheets

Monday, 16 March, 2015

Modeling for the crazy talented Michelle Uberreste
Make-up/Hair: Britten Faith

Copyright: RYDER makeup labs LLC
Model: Amber Cobelle
Photographer: James Ryder
Art Director: Simon Justice – Creatively Candid
Designer: MERLIN CASTELL at La Maison De Fashion, Inc.
Make-up Artist: Lyssa Kay
Hair: Erin Tierney
Producer: Kelli Kickham
Production Supervisor: Sarah Sprole, Hair & Makeup Artistry

Here are some faces when I’m just playing around. It happens.

Back in November I was featured in DeVour Magazine. And recently shot with them again. I look forward to seeing myself on the cover come April 2015!
Here are the tearsheets from the Halloween issue. I’m also posting a few offshots from the make-up. I think these where shot last July.
Photographer: Melina DeSantiago
Art Director: Christine Lunday
Models: Bree Kish, Abigail Hope Mitchell & Amber Cobelle
MUA: Des Arellano
Hair: Abigail Nuezca


From the upcoming magazine!

Springtime is blossoming in our hearts

Sunday, 8 March, 2015

L.A. Fashion Week has started! There is a lot going on and it’s busy busy time. Between castings and other things, there doesn’t feel like enough time in a day.
I try to steal away a few moments before bed to catch up with some online work, to take a moment to call my mommy and breathe and clear my mind when walking my babies.
And between going location to location, stopping by to look at the sakura, drink tea and maybe eat a mochi!
I’m very happy that spring is here! It makes my heart blossom… oh, my obsession with cherry blossoms!!

Sakura are kisses!! ちゅちゅちゅ

Pastries for the family, and a bite for me from Paris Baguette. ~__~ | Mochi mochi mochi! How I love you! These are at Fugetsu-do – The Best mochi in L.A.

Amoura is stealing Cookies~!

One of my favorite hobbies, find and trying out new beauty supplies, supplements and regiments.

Spring Weather in Los Angeles! SO beautiful!

When castings take you to the oceanside! It’s fun for about 5 minutes, and then, back to the moontan. I am not a beach bunny.