Birthday Girl


Birthday girl! Yes, it was my birthday quite a few weeks ago, on September 20th. But I still felt that I wanted to update my blog. Even if it’s late, it’s still a memory that I wanted to write down and share with the world.


Beautiful Flowers in white, pink and a golden creamy pink. Pure beauty and happiness.

A stunning array of beautiful creamy golds, light pinks and beautiful lush whites.

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards! It means the absolute world to me.

Obsessed with flowers


I did a little bit of birthday shopping with this crazy creature next to me called my sister. It was nice.

My favorite gift is the gift of every day being able to love these beautiful little creatures. They have been going through a lot of health issues lately and it’s very scary for me as their mommy. Therefore, every single day that I am able to spend with them is a day well spent on earth.

Dinner table

Dinner of roasted veggies

Dessert of strawberry angel foodcake and pink champagne

Finishing up on some shopping and coming home with beauty in my arms, flowers.

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My Sanctuary


We all need to find a place to be called my sanctuary.  When you have to be strong for those around you, remember where you received your strength in the first place.
And if you forgot where that place was or it no longer holds any meaning for you, try and find a new one. Finding our inner ground, our inner peace will give you the stability that you need to be strong. Find your place of peace and you will find your way.
Side note, I am not talking religion. I am talking with my heart. My strength is not your strength, we must find our own acceptance.

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