It’s a dog day afternoon

My girls love going to the park to play and have a little picnic. We have a park that is within a few blocks from our home that is dog friendly. They enjoy going there and just basking in the sun. Their fur is so luminous and luxurious.

Below | Amoura and I relaxing in the park, she looks at the clouds daydreaming of chasing chickadees.

Below | In the first photo, we see Sathony has a very strange look on her face, no? | Second photo says: She needs a potato in her life. | Third photo: She will fight you for her carbs!
Below | Her great escape! Oh, the potato shall be hers! I wonder if she realizes she in cannibalizing herself. I mean, she looks just like that potato.
Below | Here I sit, pondering what to make the girls for dinner tomorrow. As Sathony smiles at us ready for her chicken tonight.

Below | They say turkey has tryptophan…. Apparently, all food does according to Sathony. She needs some sleep here.
Below | Earlier in the park when Sathony still had tons of energy. And here my girls are laying side by side, enjoying the park and each other’s company.

Below | Amoura loves how the sun makes her fur feel. Like a warm pet from above. It makes her yawn by photo 2 and by photo 3, she begins to roll around. She can’t help it.

Below | As the sun begins to set on the world, we decide it’s about time to wrap this up and go home.

Below | But first, Sathony says we need to swing by the florist and pick up some flowers.

Below | A summer bouquet fit for any girl! Good choice, Sathony. Now, you see Sathony relaxing in her chase. After all, it’s a tiring life being the most precious of beings.

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Amoura to the vet followed by lunch in Little Tokyo


Amoura had to go to the vet for more testing.  There have been some ongoing issues that have yet to be resolved. As of today, there is some idea of the going one with her but nothing totally concrete.

As she gets older, it seems that there are more doctors visits, more tests, more hassle, more stress, more everything…. It’s exhausting and worriesome.  It makes mommy worry so much. There is nothing that I won’t do for my babies; but still, it’s hard to deal with.

At this point, I’ve spent a good deal of money on bloodwork, procedures and tests only to have a lot of inconclusive results. The current veterinarian(s) I’ve been using have dropped the ball too often. They are held in high regard among many pet parents. Yet, since I’ve been dealing with them for years now, I have yet to have a solid answer or result.

I’m very unhappy with the situation and am currently in the market for new vets! If you have any that you know if in the Los Angeles area, I’m more than happy to take your suggestions and do the research on them.

Below | Amoura sitting in her carrier waiting on her starbucks.
Below | Amoura and I heading into Marukai to find her some grbbies
Below Left |  Amoura in her carrier at home, waiting for her chauffeur to arrive |  Below Right | Amoura and I enjoying the scenery
Below Left | Oh, it looks like Amoura found a sister! | Below Right | After the Vet, giving the world the stink eye
Below |  She knows she’s cute.
Below  Left | Posing with Mommy | Below Right | She’s informing me that it’s time for lunch.

What she didn’t want you to see was her love of Tuna sashimi~! She loves it very much, and of course, Sathony does as well. Don’t worry, we took her home plenty. Ahh, nothing like falling into the Lapdog of Luxury.

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